Gourmet Popcorn Pop Gift Box

Gourmet Popcorn Pop Gift Box

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Can’t decide? We don’t blame you! 

Popilicious Popcorn cakes served on a stick. 

Sampler box includes one each of Popilicious Popcorn’s original flavors: 

  • Chocolate Lovers Mini Cake
  • Peanut Butter Lovers Mini Cake
  • Caramel Lovers Mini Cake
  • Chewy Candy Mini Cake
  • S’mores Lovers Mini Cake
  • Crazy for Coconut & Almond Mini Cake

Each popcorn pop is individually wrapped with a silk bow to match to create a whimsical delicious treat.

  • Contains soy and dairy. 
  • Customize your popcorn pops to match your theme or event. Popilicious will even create a custom label for your popcorn pops.  For customizations simply email info@popiliciouspopcorn.com 
  • Standard Ground Shipping included.

Popilicious does not use preservatives. We recommend enjoying your cake within 1 week of arrival or store in freezer for up to 3 months.  

All Popilicious Gourmet Popcorn Cakes are made fresh to order and ship Mon-Thurs. We do not ship on weekends, holidays or during extreme weather events. 

If you have any special requests, please mention them in the NOTES section on your order page, or simply email us at info@popiliciouspopcorn.com.