Pop Daddy’s Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn

A friend from Michigan sent me this Pop Daddy’s Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn as a gift last year and I couldn’t stop eating it.  I like traditional salt and butter flavor on my popcorn but I was so excited about Pop Daddy products, I’ve tried (and loved) them all.  What I like the most is that Pop Daddy is a smaller manufacturer and every time I order, I find a sample of something in the box.   Smart marketer and good popcorn all in one!  I love the white popcorn and  that I can order multiple flavors in one box and Amazon keeps me stocked for my next craving.  I’m betting we will see this brand growing and growing fast because it tastes so good- plain and simple like I like my popcorn. Try the Hot Sauce flavor if you enjoy spicy.  It will knock your socks off.  Other flavors include Original, Butter, Kettle, Black Pepper, Cheddar, & Hot flavors.